20 Minute Transformation

3 Mindset Shifts that could Change Everything

Twenty minutes could change your life. Yes, that sounds pretty cliche and hypey, but it's true.

A simple fact about how humans work is that how you think affects everything you do and experience in life.

If you ever:

  • feel like you hit roadblocks or barriers in your career or personal development,
  • struggle with life balance, or
  • get frustrated, discouraged or overwhelmed with your challenges,

then this program is for you.

Three simple mindset shifts will help you eliminate your barriers, improve your performance, grow your business/career, and (sweet bonus) just be generally happier in life.

This little 20 minute workshop (actually, it's only 17 minutes) can help you see big results.

Oh, and this workshop is completely free.

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Your Instructor/Coach

Gary Schreiner
Gary Schreiner

Gary Schreiner, JD is the founder of Talent Forge and Traingenuity. Gary helps entrepreneurs and entertainment professionals transform challenges into power so they can have a meaningful impact, fulfilling careers and enjoy life along the way. He has over 20 years experience working with professionals in a broad range of industries. After nearly blacking out in a high level meeting due to stress and anxiety that he thought he was controlling, he was forced to re-evaluate his life. His journey led him to the science behind how we work, and instilled the determination to help others use the systems we are naturally wired with to thrive personally and professionally.